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Aubagne, France – April, 3rd, 2018 – NEOTION, a leading provider of secure solutions for Pay-Tv industry and recently targeting the IoT market, has selected Texplained, another French company with a team of experts in Secure ICs Architecture and Reverse Engineering, for a better level of security by design into its next in house chipset generation. 

NEOTION relies on Texplained’s unique experience in Secure ICs Architecture and Design for a better evaluation and protection of its new chipset generation against counterfeiting and piracy. With such tailored and highly technical counselling, NEOTION’s new chipset has been rigorously tested and challenged with a wide-ranging hardware attack campaign protecting NEOTION IC from growing threats with a particular attention to Pay-Tv specific piracy. 

Partnering with Texplained ensures NEOTION chipsets to stay ahead of the industry, with a relevant solution for the sensitive Pay-Tv market today, but also to meet the next and complex security challenges of the IoT world in the future. 

Sébastien DUSSUTOUR, Business Development at NEOTION said: “We are pleased to closely cooperate with Texplained as a trusted partner and for their very helpful expertise in security IC in field. Building such a partnership, we are confident in jointly contributing to innovate and deliver the appropriate new generation of secure ICs in any domain concerned by security by design. And they are a lot!” 

Clarisse GINET, Chief Executive Officer at Texplained, added: “By choosing to involve Texplained at the early stages of their secure chipset design, NEOTION demonstrated their deep concern about the security of their solutions. By doing so, they ensure their customers get the most protected solutions. At Texplained, we are very proud of being part of NEOTION’s cutting-edge development operated at very high technical standards.” 


Texplained are the leading experts in Integrated Circuit Reverse Engineering and security. They offer their clients services across the whole IC security chain including the auditing of the security of integrated circuits, backdoor research and IP infringement investigation. Established in 2013 by Olivier Thomas CTO and Clarisse Ginet, CEO, Texplained evaluate every microchip on the market and provide manufacturers with secure hardware modules to enhance their products’ overall security. Their clients include chip manufacturers, government organisations and systems integrators. Texplained, a France Cybersecurity Label Company, is also a member of worldwide Competitiveness Cluster SCS. 


NEOTION is a French high-tech company providing innovative solutions for the international Digital Television market since 2000. NEOTION develops and distributes a wide range of DVB Conditional Access Modules (CAM) embedding the main Conditional Access Systems to Pay-Tv operators across the globe. 

NEOTION is fully involved in delivering new and innovative solutions for the Pay-Tv industry according to the booming OTT adoption on the market during past years, offering in its portfolio secure OTT services on its CAM range combined with the appropriate HbbTV compliant TVs new generation or its headless OTT gateways for satellite fully based OTT Solution. 

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