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PAINE – at DAC in San Francisco – 24th June 2018


“Physical attacks on electronics have grown significantly recently and is becoming a major threat to the chip designers, original equipment manufacturers as well as end users. The complex long life of the emergent internet of things (IoT) devices coupled with their diverse applications is making them increasingly vulnerable to various forms of physical attacks. Large number of companies and start-ups are now working in this area across the globe and offer training and service to the public. As importantly, the number of the programs introduced by US government have increased hugely to analyze and find a solution for this problem. High-end failure analysis tools, which used to be very expensive and accessible to only big organizations are now available for a very cheaper price. Private parties can now buy such tools and rent them to the public with a very low rate, which makes these attacks ever more viable. In addition to physical attacks, physical inspection of electronics as well as physical fingerprinting based on analog parameters are rapidly becoming a tool for unique countermeasures against various attack modalities.

This workshop will be the first step to start the conversation on such topics in US for the first time and will include all forms of physical attacks and countermeasures, including, but not limited to, side-channel attacks, reverse engineering, physical tampering, micro/nano probing, and physical access at chip, PCB and system level.

Topics to be Covered


  • Side channel attacks (power, timing, EM)
  • Physical tampering
  • FIB/SEM attacks
  • Electro-optical attacks using PEM, EOP, EOFM, etc.
  • Physical inspection, counterfeit detection/prevention
  • Reverse engineering
  • Physical/side channel fingerprinting
  • Chip and PCB level reverse engineering
  • Mod-chip Attacks on PCB
  • Microprobing and nanoprobing attacks
  • Bus-snooping
  • Fault injection attacks
  • Field based attacks
  • Countermeasures against tampering and reverse engineering
  • Physical/logical shielding, etc.
  • Physical attacks on FPGA Bitstream
  • Physical attacks on analog & mixed-signal circuits and systems
  • Physical attacks on critical infrastructure, etc”

Olivier THOMAS, founder & CTO @Texplained is invited to give a talk at PAINE on physical attacks that are threatening ICs of all types: