Next Session: SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS – 14th to 16th, February 2018

Title: Hands-on training

Topics covered: Reverse engineering techniques & hardware attacks

+ 1 day in the lab for a demo of depackaging, delayering and imagery of a chip

Next Training sessions:

January 2018: Recon Brussels

Feb / March 2018:  Hands-on (Sophia Antipolis)


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The primary goal of our trainings is to provide security professionals and team leaders the skills, mindset and background information necessary to successfully perform analysis of Integrated Circuits (ICs) and evaluate the efficiency of the existing counter-measures.

It is designed to give to Integrated Circuit professionals a deep understanding of the complete Reverse-Engineering and Attack chain to help them build more secure designs but also to give to newcomers a detailed overview for a fast ramp-up.

Students who complete this course become familiar with all important classes of low-level hardware attacks (shield and hardware counter-measures bypass – ROM and Flash/EEPROM dump – bus passive and active probing – …) through real world examples covering the entire analysis workflow from the lab to the data analysis.

The training describes modern analysis methods involving automation and discuss the efficiency of modern counter-measures in such a context.


Tens of attendees have followed our trainings, wether it was a hands-on, an onsite or in great conferences such as Black Hat, Recon or Hardwear.io.

Here are some of the feedbacks that we had from them:

“I had doubts on the fact that IC Reverse Engineering was possible. Now I know.”

“The course gives great insights about the IC’s internal.”

“Assignment book is great material.”

“The training on IC RE was very good. Overall, Mr Thomas’ presentation was well adapted to the audience.”

“Overall a very good course. I learned a lot. Would definitely recommend.”

“Very knowledgeable in IC security. Would definitely take a second level course taught by Olivier Thomas.”