With our unique set of skills, mindset, tools and equipments, we is able to offer to our clients services across the whole microchip security value chain including:

Ic analysis services

– The Design Review of secure chips, from their architecture to tape out and front-end + back-end design

– The Auditing of the Security of Iintegrated Circuits, from specific targets to complete assessments

– The Research for Backdoors / Hardware Trojans when chips manufacturing is entrusted to a third-party

– The Investigation of IP infringement for technical proof in case of litigation

– The Exploration of the Hardware and software of Pirate Devices for piracy mitigation

– The Recovery & help for replacement of Obsolete Devices

Our customers want to have a better knowledge and control over the security of their chips & devices.

Diverse State Agencies as well as major Chip makers, Chip buyers & Integrators already chose us for the assessment of their hardware security and for a tailored accompaniment on their strategy to protect their hardware and software assets.