Since its creation in 2013, the company has mounted several important stairs.

From the creation of its own lab for IC sample preparation, to the release of its first anti-counterfeiting digital IP, journalists around the world have covered main of the Texplained’s great news.

Here is a collection of some Press Releases that have been edited on the web, as well as information on events of which Texplained is part of.

All the team wishes you a good reading!


Texplained has been invitated to give a talk at PAINE

PAINE - at DAC in San Francisco - 24th June 2018 An IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON PHYSICAL ATTACKS AND INSPECTION ON ELECTRONICS "Physical attacks on electronics have grown significantly recently and is becoming a major threat to the chip designers, original...

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Texplained presented ChipJuice to The French Government

Texplained was invited to present its Hardware Reverse Engineering Tool - ChipJuice - to a large audience of people from DGA (The French Defense Procurement Agency), Land & Air Forces. Interesting topics were covered such as the supply chain verification thanks to...

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Texplained 101 Training "Integrated Reverse Engineering & Hardware Attacks" will be held at Recon Brussels on Jan-31 & Feb-1 2018  

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Stepping up security in chip design: Texplained Headquartered in Valbonne, South of France, start-up Texplained is on a mission to render chip-level reverse engineering a dead-end for IC counterfeiters. Although today's Common Criteria Certification schemes for secure...

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French startup hacks secure chips for the common good

On its brand new online store, French start-up Texplained (short for Technology Explained) presents itself as the leading expert in the reverse engineering and security analysis of integrated circuits. The company aims to review every major IC on the market to create...

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